After November

23 Nov

This is an account, told creatively, of the year love came to earth in its totality.
September 1,
Year of Our Lord
He found a letter on His Holy desk. Unlike many letters He had received from earth before, this envelope had only one thing written on it: Heaven Bound. Whiter than snow the envelope showcased itself on His glorious desk. It begged to be read.

Dear God,

We have heard of your love for us and seen your works divine

Over the face of the earth. You really are a Great God. Still,

Some of us are not sure Your love will be for all time. We are still

Deliberating on what You promised, that You will never leave nor

Forsake us. Words are not enough to go by, you know.

In November, we will give you our clear cut answer. Our yay or nay

As pertains our acceptance of You as Lord overall and for all time.

Albeit all of this, receive our gratitude for all the cool things you’ve

Done so far. The Job story is especially on point…the bit where you

Restore Him. But just so you know, the process was a bit too harsh.

Anyways, peace.


Most of Us

One month to go, He must have said to Himself. So He got up from His Throne, a tad happier than He was the previous day and He turned His Holy Calendar. “We have to do get working as We wait for November,” He said. “Oh, how wonderful it will be to enjoy the fruit of our labor after November! The human race will finally understand our undying love for them. Son, Spirit, off we go!” And away they went, Father, Spirit and Son…to create, to provide for, to prepare a surprise for us. All of us. The human race. Isn’t it amazing how a day is indeed like a thousand years to God? Still, He waited and He worked. Labor of Love. November was only 30,000 years away…30 days if you wish. It really is the same difference for Him. (2nd Peter 3:8) encyclopedia

November 1
Anno Domini
He must have been at His Holy desk, magnificence and power sitted at the throne, waiting for the Heaven Bound mail. He listened to the angels sing as He waited and thought how glorious it would be to have the sons of men join the choirs of heaven in making melodious sounds. Beyond heavenly, it would be Good, He must have thought. An hour passed, another and yet another. And as the Holy Clock ticked away, it dawned on Him that November had 30,000 years too (30 days if you wish), and that meant the answer would come any time in between. As long as the calendar read November. So in His endless mercy and loving kindness, He decided to wait some more. And as He did, He drew paths for the rivers to flow in and worked on all minute details that make our world so perfect, creation so flawless… November would pass and it would all be worth the wait, He told Son and Holy Spirit.

November 30
Anno Domini
One hour to the end of November. Still Heaven Bound mail hadn’t hit heaven. Had it left earth? No idea. He took out the old, the only letter stamped Heaven Bound, now 60, 000 years old (60 days if you wish) and read it, slowly. And alas, He came to the bit that read “Words are not enough to go by, you know.” He put the letter down and looked up. It finally hit Him. The letter He was waiting for from earth wasn’t going to come. Not in September, not in November, not even in December. The very letter on His desk was an outcry from the human race. “Do something new, Lord. Come on. It’s all so the same! Abraham and the stars, Moses and the desert, Noah and the floods, Job and the calamities, Sodom and Gomorrah, oh! even Hosea and the prostitute! We need something beyond the drama; we need to see your love for real, beyond what you are able to do through and for us.” All these words yelled out of the page at Him. Not that He had missed them before; just that He had hoped human beings would learn to trust Him more. They gave Him 60 days to prove His Majesty to them, He prolonged it to 60,000 years, took it slow enough for them to understand. Still, their hearts were hardened, their minds were made up, they wouldn’t hear any of it from a Sovereign God. To them, Truth had become a cliché, one they had heard a zillion times but one they chose to not believe in. Truth was the stranger in their closet. Same place they went to pray.

Anno Domini
He sat at His glorious Desk and read from His Diary.
January 1, Anno Domini. This is the year of The Lord. My new year’s resolution is to love mankind for all time, to bridge this gap that separates us, to draw them unto me, the spring of living waters. I will do whatever it takes, for they are My People and I am their God.
February 14, Anno Domini. Mary. I have seen her, I have chosen her. I sent Angel Gabriel to talk to her and gave Joseph grace to stay with her when the time comes for Him to find out. He’s a great guy.(smiley face sticker here)
As the world celebrates love, I choose to package them a gift they will understand, relate with and appreciate. Now that I am done window-shopping, the package will be sent out in March. Long after the hype of love-season is out.
March 25th, Anno Domini. Time to send this gift. In fact, this is perfect timing. It will be delivered at a time when the world is cold and needs warmth, when love has grown old and needs a jump start, when no one even expects anything. Let us give them a surprise they will remember for all time! Yippee! (recursive smiles on My Holy Face)

He closed His Diary. It was now December; His gift was only 25 days away. He hoped, more than anything else, that no one would miss the mark this time round, that everyone would understand how long and wide, how deep and high His love was for them. All of them. And that with God, words were powerful, true and real.
This time round, He was going to give them more than a glimpse of heaven He would give them Heaven’s own, His own- Jesus. And that for Him was, still is, everything.

After November, year of our Lord, love came alive and words were made real. And even though this is September 2010, He still waits for us to seal our part of the deal. From Anno Domini, when the gift came alive, to this day and time. He sits at His desk waiting for our Heaven Bound mail, each one’s separately. From before we were conceived in our Mama’s womb, He waited. He still is.
Do you know Him? Are you His? Has His gift found a place in your heart? Is it still a parcel at the post office, pending? Is it outside your door, waiting? Did you give it to the mailman as a souvenir for keeps? It takes a blind heart to let such beauty pass by unappreciated. It takes a dead heart to not even pause a second to think about what measure and manner of love this is, that God should give His Son to us, that a man should, ultimately, lay down His life for His friends.

Take time out today, send you Heaven Bound mail. Whatever it is you need to ask, know or say. God will reply. November came, November passed. His love still remains, today and evermore.


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3 responses to “After November

  1. peterbala

    November 23, 2010 at 17:52

    Reminds me of how, for a long while, I lived half buying Jesus’ coming was love enough. “Virgin birth…w..well…drama but can’t you come up with something more convincing? Shepherds and a carpenter…ok…but…”. This has had to change when now I know the power of this Lord and Saviour.

  2. Sketch

    November 24, 2010 at 06:41

    Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia,
    O filii et filiae,
    Rex caelestis, Rex gloriae,
    morte surrexit horde,

    Reminding us of why God sent the gift, Jesus.

  3. Ernest

    February 1, 2012 at 08:26

    In excelsis Deo! Amen! Great writing! Reminds me of The prologue to my novel


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