30 Apr

I doubt that the cacti in Namib desert have ever sent a message with the birds of the air or the wind to say ‘i envy you’ to the acacia trees in the Savanna or the Oak trees in the Congo. I doubt that they feel insecure for having no canopy, leaves or bark; i doubt that they feel short and plump or too hot in the sweltering heat; i doubt  that they almost wish they could get on a plane and relocate to Alaska  🙂

I don’t think the ebony trees in rain forests feel chocked or wet and clammy; i doubt that they feel crowded and devoid of privacy because of all the climbing plants and creatures crawling all over them. I doubt that the wind-breakers around homesteads feel cold and beat and picked on; i doubt that the trees by river beds get scared in the night or wonder why they are rooted where they are.

Perhaps we should learn a lesson from all trees- that it is okay to stand different – it is great to be different; to either blossom purple flowers like the Jacaranda or have our red leaves turn green like the Maple tree or have no flowers at all like most trees. That there is nothing wrong with roots that run deep or with shallow roots. Our sources and lifelines are different, some may need to work longer than others or walk further and it is all good.


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What some trees lack in beauty, they make up for by being useful. Where would we get medicine from if all we had in the world were the splendid Aspen trees? We would be so dulled and bored right now and all dendrologists and arborists would be unemployed!

Different works, it is what makes us unique and defines us, it is what gives us a name, what initiates change in the world around us. Different is why we all need each other and matter, different is what builds a platform for each one of us and lets us stand out and reach out to everyone.

Different rocks. Be different. Be you.


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2 responses to “Different

  1. abrahamochieng

    May 1, 2013 at 11:53

    Different rocks. I totally agree. That was a nice read.

    • Njambi

      May 7, 2013 at 09:48

      Thanks 🙂 much appreciated.


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