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My Greatest Undoing

My greatest undoing,
Is the only glory I accord the Father,
Is a finger pointed heavenward,
Accompanied by the phrase ‘It’s Jesus, yo!’
But in my heart I sing a different song
‘Ulinidharau, who’s laughing now’

And in my mind I am exalted on a vain throne
With everyone bowing as if to say
‘You’re the man, Serah!’

My greatest undoing,
Is that I quote verses on these twitter streets
And are quick to condemn on facebook walls
In exactly the same way Pharisees did in Bible times
I blog my prayers
And parade my righteousness for all to see
‘Filthy rags, dear’ The Lord calls my best show
But nothing beats the promise of the World Wide Web
‘Once posted, forever online’
I will be crowned saint at my deathbed
For that I am certain

My greatest undoing
Is that I cry out ‘Maranatha- Lord come quickly’
But no, I will not go out
And tell the world about Jesus
Lamb that was slain for the redemption of mankind
No, I’d rather Christ return
And I live eternally
Everyone else can be statistic
Of the evil that dwells in the world
How divinely selfish of me!

My greatest undoing,
Is that I gossip at prayer meetings
In the guise of relaying prayer requests
‘For a friend’, I always say,
Funny how Christ took me as I was
But I sneer at men who come to me
Broken and undone
I desire mercy but have none to give
I pray for blessing but will not share!

My greatest undoing,
Is that I condemn myself
And exalt my ills above God’s grace
I wallow in pain
And let it drive me insane
I sulk at the bulk of its weight
And rant  at the darts it baits
Me with
Paints of me an image of nonentity
Taints from me the reality of eternity
As if Jesus love was laced with frugality

My greatest undoing
Is that I am human
No one on my own
Dead, dead, dead!
Born in sin
So dead from birth
Death by mere existence

But He loves me yo!
Jesus loves me
And He found me And Saved me
Found glory in my weakness
Undid my undoing
Gave meaning to my being

There is therefore now no condemnation
God’s word says
No more pain from guilt lacerations
My debt Jesus love pays
I have been crucified with Christ
The old has gone
The new is come
I am a new creation
Born of God
Bought at a price
His very own-
Indeed, I am home.


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I Would Rather

I would rather walk
And share a joke with the folk,
Than be in a VOLKswagen
Sitted in traffic with a frown;

I would rather walk
And soak wet like a rained on hawk,
Than sit in a matatu listening to cheap talk
On a radio station that dares say: STAY LOCKED!

I would rather read,
Than feed on the dying wit of a modern movie;
One in bleeding need of kneaded content,
Oh how a good book beckons and bids!

I would rather write,
Than bite my tongue in gossip;
Write of depths and heights,
Will and might,
Things dull and bright;

I would rather write:
Write away an outcast’s plight,
Than turn away and pass him by;
Write and milk my pen dry,
Write until I reach my sky high,
Write like there’s only today,
For that’s the truth per say;

I would rather smile:
That big and broad upward curve,
Shining bright on every one it serves,
Than cramp up a million face muscles,
In a big parcel called a frown-
Perhaps the saddest noun in town!

I would rather smile
In the darkest of days,
And hum to the best of tunes
On a cold afternoon,
Than pout and sulk
And count my losses,
As though life’s blessings and joys
Belonged in a pouch that circumstances could steal!

I would rather dance
And miss my step or break a bone,
Than sink in a corner competing with The Jonses;
I will not wait until I can afford Ballerina lessons,
I will not miss the dance until I get
A better job,
A bigger house,
A changed spouse,
Shoes that fit,
Or a water bed!
(God forbid they burst my bubble/ mattress!)


I would rather dance
And smile
And write
And walk
And be grateful over everything
In the here and the now.

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WOLO – Why Only Live Once?

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life telling tales about how i died at twenty three,
about how i used to be just as good as the ABCs my children look up to
and as talented in the XYZs that they love to do;

I don’t want to forever rhyme and whine about how what is left of me
isn’t nearly as blest as the rest of me used to be;

I don’t want to hang around and rant about the things i could have,
should have, would have done but never quite got down to;

I don’t want to be as predictable as the next hour,
or as expendable as a flat tire-
no i am not immortal but pray,
I want to count!

What is it they say- You Only Live Once- YOLO?
WOLO- Why Only Live Once- i ask;
Live everyday!
Live right,
Be wise,
Life is not merely a game of dice!

There is plenty to do
and billions of people to do it for,
Maybe millions to work against;
But there is only one me,
One brilliant, beautiful, amazing you too 🙂

So forgetting what i don’t want,
Forfeiting what makes me think i can’t,
Remembering that indeed i can
do all things through Christ;

It’s a get-going, keep-working,
WOLO moment for me 🙂


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Congratulations on Your Graduation

This poem is for all my amazing friends who made it through to the end of their first degrees 🙂 I am mighty proud and very happy for all of you 🙂

Sixteen or so years you have heard them say,
“Oh work hard and do not stray,
Stay in school, please do not bail;
Be up and on your toes lest you fail,
Get out, get going and keep your head!
To school we send you to be well read,
Out here awaits you your dream job,
So  keep at it until you wear that black robe!”

And so you tried and toiled
If only to see that day,
When all you’d hear them say
Is ” well done dear!
For braving your fears,
Laboring in tears;
For not veering off course!”

And here we are,
Saluting you ma’ams and sirs,
For being workers austere;
The pride of your Fathers and mothers,
Role models for your brothers and sisters.
“I want to be just like you!”
Squeals an excited cousin;
“Share your secret, what did you do?”
As questions and congratulations buzz in,
You can only smile and thank them.

For there is no file big enough,
To document your academic journey at length;
There is no time long enough,
To narrate the joys and tears,
Of the spoils and the peers;
Of the days of panic
and those of utter surrender;
Of the wins
and the even bigger wins!

There is no canvas fit enough,
To draw out the years,
The memories,
The friendships,
All the knowledge you’ve acquired
And the wisdom you found.

And at the end of the day,
When they grant you the Power to Read;
I hope your world will stop,
If only for the longest time possible;
To thank God for planting the seed,
For watering and tending to it patiently,
For bringing everything to fruition,
For continually loving and lavishing you like  so.

Congratulations my friend,
You did it!!!! 🙂

Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men,

Psalm 20:4
May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.


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** Every passionate soul goes through the desert of no inspiration at some point or another in their journey. Some give up, some compromise…and some pray.

Give me a word,
A real word- nothing absurd;
Let me toss it in the air,
Turn it over, notice its flare;
Let me roll it in context,
Put it in my mouth,
Chew it like cud;
Let me feel it in my stomach,
Curving it up in an arc;
Let me fathom it in my mind,
Wrap it in thoughts that bind;
Let me feel it up my spine,
As a shiver, finitely, finely defined;

Give me a word,
Have me take it up,
Stretch it out
and make it my own;
One word,
Just one word,
and i’ll make poetry of it.


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Thank God for Love

To what then, shall I compare love?

Shall I sit quietly at my window,

Look outside and compare it to

The flowers that blossom and grow,

And lay strewn in colorful hues in my garden?

Or the trees that start as seedlings,

Then tower far above my head,

Giving shade to my tiny self?

Shall I see it as the sun,

A shiny rising in the east,

A bold fire in the noon,

Then a shy orange in its setting?

Shall I see it as the dew on the grass,

Glistening against the morning rays,

A lovely crystal glow at the start of my day?

Still, the flowers fade,

Even the trees fall;

The sun heals,

Too much of it kills;

The dew refreshes,

But is here one second,

Gone in the next…

But is that love?

A myriad of personalities

All under one roof?


To what then, shall I compare love?

To no being,

To no feeling,

To nothing.

Let it then, be likened to

The most amazing,

Most beautiful,

Most ridiculous,

Most outstanding,

Most incredible thing

That ever happened to earth,

To us…

Love then,

Only compares to love-

And there is no love and true love,

Because love cannot be falsified;

Love is just that.


So thank God for love,

And for the adventures

that come with it;

Thank God for love,

And for the meaning

To life that only it gives,

Thank God for love,

Whose greatest show

Was that of His son,

Given up for us all;

Thank God for love

That sometimes,

Like this time,

Is nurtured and blossoms

Grows and binds,

With chords that cannot be broken.

Thank God for love,

Thank God for you and yours,

Thank God for the two hearts,

That beat together in a seamless symphony;

For two hearts made one,

For two hearts and one dream.

Thank God for Love.



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So Long, Friend

**At some point in time in our lives, we realize that we have become, without our knowledge, burnt bridges in the lives of people we cared for deeply and esteemed highly in our lives. It happened to me. Just yesterday. In view of all this, i choose to not judge, to look beyond the hurt and listen to the lesson(s). So long, friend.**

If I am a bridge you burnt,

Then you are a lesson I’ve learnt

One that I will take with me,

Forever, long after the hurt does cease. Read the rest of this entry »


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