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The Auction

I remember this one time i went to an auction; scratch that, i was in an auction. There is a difference, you know. The former implies i planned to go and dressed up for it, the latter just lays it bare; i was the commodity, the piece, the junk being tagged and put up on the stand for the highest bidder to pick.

So what is a common girl’s worth?
What amount is enough for one lost from birth?
One that has known nothing but sinister stares
From ministers and mayors,
Yea, and from naysayers too.
what is such a person worth?

I spent most of my life blindfolded or in dark rooms, nibbling food from floors like chicken; only that it was mostly rotten and conjured up with diarrheal remains. Are you cringing? Is it unimaginable, surreal, disgusting? Is it in bad taste for 2013’s first blog post? Such is life. Some of us are dug from pits so deep and dark, so scary and lonesome… but guess what, gold and diamonds come from such depths too. 🙂

Dressed in a beautiful garment,
They paraded me on a platform of cement;
“Too skinny!” came the retorts and laments
“Ugly!” the comments took a dangerous plummet
but there i stood, with vacant eyes
No tears, no fear and no- it isn’t that my heart is of ice
After years and years of nothing but pain and suffering
You learn to throw it all away, to stop dreaming;
It kills you inside, but keeps you alive an extra day.

They were all there, the women in silk and purple linen, the men in corduroy pants and leather belts, the little girls in pretty dresses and the boys with chubby faces. They all looked, frowned, shouted out petty bid prices and laughed loudly. The air was pungent with pride, scorn and vanity but only for a while…

“I will take the girl” came the voice,
“Infact, i will have them all, they are my choice.”
Hush. Silence. Not an ounce of noise.
I look up, expecting nothing, really.
Perhaps a man with a Tower-of-Babel sized ego
Pretending to be so nice, we could be amigos

But my eyes behold a sight like no other. I see no man standing before me, no, i see life. I see life my friends. I see healing and a second chance. I see Jesus. I see life everlasting.
It is true what they say,
The train that derails one’s hopes and dreams
Is the very one that delivers them
Where they were needed to be in the first place.

True, sin enslaves and blinds, corrupts and drains us. Then it sets us up for sale at throw away prices, lies to us that we are plain and worthless… and done for. But Christ chases us, He runs after us, yes, He paid the highest price at the auction, He gave His life. HIS LIFE. Not for show (i think there are many (vain) ways of showing off, He would have picked any one) but for love. There is nothing more intimate. Nothing.

I stepped off the cement platform at the auction
And into an eternity of concrete love and life;
I left the mediocre, the hollow, the empty
And let Him fill this shell with Himself.
Life began that day,
When i woke up and showed up
At my last auction.

Christ is waiting at your auction today, will you show up?


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