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My Greatest Undoing

My greatest undoing,
Is the only glory I accord the Father,
Is a finger pointed heavenward,
Accompanied by the phrase ‘It’s Jesus, yo!’
But in my heart I sing a different song
‘Ulinidharau, who’s laughing now’

And in my mind I am exalted on a vain throne
With everyone bowing as if to say
‘You’re the man, Serah!’

My greatest undoing,
Is that I quote verses on these twitter streets
And are quick to condemn on facebook walls
In exactly the same way Pharisees did in Bible times
I blog my prayers
And parade my righteousness for all to see
‘Filthy rags, dear’ The Lord calls my best show
But nothing beats the promise of the World Wide Web
‘Once posted, forever online’
I will be crowned saint at my deathbed
For that I am certain

My greatest undoing
Is that I cry out ‘Maranatha- Lord come quickly’
But no, I will not go out
And tell the world about Jesus
Lamb that was slain for the redemption of mankind
No, I’d rather Christ return
And I live eternally
Everyone else can be statistic
Of the evil that dwells in the world
How divinely selfish of me!

My greatest undoing,
Is that I gossip at prayer meetings
In the guise of relaying prayer requests
‘For a friend’, I always say,
Funny how Christ took me as I was
But I sneer at men who come to me
Broken and undone
I desire mercy but have none to give
I pray for blessing but will not share!

My greatest undoing,
Is that I condemn myself
And exalt my ills above God’s grace
I wallow in pain
And let it drive me insane
I sulk at the bulk of its weight
And rant  at the darts it baits
Me with
Paints of me an image of nonentity
Taints from me the reality of eternity
As if Jesus love was laced with frugality

My greatest undoing
Is that I am human
No one on my own
Dead, dead, dead!
Born in sin
So dead from birth
Death by mere existence

But He loves me yo!
Jesus loves me
And He found me And Saved me
Found glory in my weakness
Undid my undoing
Gave meaning to my being

There is therefore now no condemnation
God’s word says
No more pain from guilt lacerations
My debt Jesus love pays
I have been crucified with Christ
The old has gone
The new is come
I am a new creation
Born of God
Bought at a price
His very own-
Indeed, I am home.


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If Life is Really Short… A Spoken Word Piece

If life is really short,
Then perhaps we shouldn’t distort The Message,
shouldn’t concort our rage in purported platforms and stages… always working against good and God,
leaving out what we should do for what we want to do,
Never mind we play the fools-
Pooling in masses,
Making the worst passes at any
and every granted opportunity;

Oh its hot so nudity gives,
Oh its cold so immorality gives-
We really are good at this, aren’t we?

If life’s really short,
Maybe stupidity needs to meet its maker,
Maybe common and sense need to marry,
Maybe nothing else matters;
Not new Gospel hits
or prosperity gospel-your seed for a vitz,
Maybe the only modeling we need to do
Is Christlikeness
and the only thing that needs to get into shape
is our wretchedness …
For our righteousness is as filthy rags,
And if that isn’t enough to bug us,
Perhaps we are some dry bones in the valley
In dire need of Fresh breath in our lungs,
The Holy Spirit to revive and work our conscience.

If life is really short,
then perhaps the only thing that needs to be on billboards is The Message…
Not faces and laces or drinks and the Sphinx:
just The Message.

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Think about it.


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