I Choose Peace

22 Feb

In 1963, men, women and children wept, laughed, clapped and danced as Kenya gained independence. It had come at a heavy cost, but the pain and loss was well worth the gain of freedom. Anyone who saw Kenya at that time would tell you how senseless and foolish the war of brothers against brothers would be. In the end, we lose it all- our hearts, families, friends, homes, resources, et al. It is well not worth it.


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In ten days, 14,337,399 Kenyans will take up six slips each and vote for a handful of leaders. The winners will be very privileged to lead a country of brilliant minds, kind hearts, strong muscle, creative personalities and entrepreneurial spirits.

But here is the problem: we are a generation that knows our country’s history just as well as we are aware of the LadyBird Series fairy-tales. We often forget the price that was paid for liberty and so we trash it at any opportunity without thinking of the implications. We second guess the value of our country and its kinsmen over that of a few individuals and in the end, we risk losing all the blessing bestowed on our beautiful country.

Like Roger Whittaker, My land is Kenya. I cannot afford to be careless in my responsibilities to my nation every five years. Neither can you. Not in comments made in our social circles or social media, not on National television or newspapers read by millions everyday, not by feeding propaganda to a population that trusts us and especially not by playing the tribalism card. With all due respect, we are voting for National leaders- Kenyan leaders, not for clan representatives or cultural chiefs or personal-agenda carriers.

If you have watched Seconds from Disaster, then you know ten days is enough time for us to make a conscious decision to choose peace for our nation rather than pointless destruction. It is enough time to get all aspiring leaders to agree to put people above self in the coming week. It can be done. It is enough time for each of us to rethink our will and intent for this Nation.

In ten days, our Nation grows or goes. We are the ones to choose. My name is Serah Njambi, I love my country and I choose Peace.


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4 responses to “I Choose Peace

  1. krmboya

    February 22, 2013 at 10:03

    Great thoughts.. Also, did you mean Roger Whittaker, instead of Kenny Rogers?

    • Njambi

      February 22, 2013 at 15:10

      Thank you Ken, on a light note, weren’t they twins?:-)

      • krmboya

        February 22, 2013 at 17:59

        They sure do look resemble.. 🙂


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