The HA! Poem

08 Nov

When i say HA! I am laughing at the enemy,
HA! Laughing at all those lies he said to me,
HA! Booing him for thinking i’d never be,
The girl who for Jesus gets on her knees;
So HAHAHA! Shame on the enemy!

When I say HA! I mean HAlleluya
For i am so blest, my cup is full, yea!
And if hear this i bet you’ll say ‘true that!’
For my life is renewed, made fresh as the new year;
So HAHAHA! HAlleluya!

When i say HA! I mean How Great Thou Art
To the one Savior who’s in my heart,
Same Jesus who gives us all a fresh start 🙂
If you know this is true just shout ‘What?!’
As i say HAHAHA, How Great Thou Art!

When i say HA! I mean i am so HAppy,
No longer gloomy, grumpy, even crappy
See my life has been hard, stormy, even bumpy,
But journeying with Jesus is such a fun thing 🙂
So HAHAHA, I am so happy!

When i say HA!I mean HAllowed be God’s name,
Since He came, nothing that was has been the same
He came to earth, died for me and carried my shame
Took my misdeeds so lame
So let Him take all the glory and fame
As i say HAHAHA, HAllowed be God’s name!

When i say HA! I mean How can i serve you Lord?
You see, i am just a man, a mere dot,
A girl you’ve chosen to love, my life you decided to sort
See my being you bought even before freedom i sought
Oh the thought that you promised to leave me not!
So HAHAHA, How can i serve you lORD?

When i say HA! I mean you can HAve your way
For I have tried my own only to stray
So I will do what you say
This and every other day
Oh help me Lord I pray
As i say HAHAHA, you can HAve your way!

When i say HA! I mean its gong to HAppen
Nay, not all of a sudden
But it will, see it did for Daniel
So will it for us who are heavy laden
One day our shackles will be no more even our burdens
So believe as i say HAHAHA, its going to HAppen!

When i say HA!
I mean exactly that…
HArp in my hand,
Heaven in my Heart,
HA! It is my time to laugh!

Nehemiah 8:10
“…for the joy of the Lord is your Strength…”

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


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2 responses to “The HA! Poem

  1. emmanuel

    November 9, 2011 at 08:52

    ha ha ha HAppening with a reason. Accidentally bumped on this link and got me where i shud be. U recited thz once at jkuat last sem? Wea did u go after then? Blessed Alien!

  2. Dave Rono

    February 1, 2012 at 13:06

    And here is the video…in the Mara a few feet from an adult lion

    HA! 🙂


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