I Would Rather

17 Apr

I would rather walk
And share a joke with the folk,
Than be in a VOLKswagen
Sitted in traffic with a frown;

I would rather walk
And soak wet like a rained on hawk,
Than sit in a matatu listening to cheap talk
On a radio station that dares say: STAY LOCKED!

I would rather read,
Than feed on the dying wit of a modern movie;
One in bleeding need of kneaded content,
Oh how a good book beckons and bids!

I would rather write,
Than bite my tongue in gossip;
Write of depths and heights,
Will and might,
Things dull and bright;

I would rather write:
Write away an outcast’s plight,
Than turn away and pass him by;
Write and milk my pen dry,
Write until I reach my sky high,
Write like there’s only today,
For that’s the truth per say;

I would rather smile:
That big and broad upward curve,
Shining bright on every one it serves,
Than cramp up a million face muscles,
In a big parcel called a frown-
Perhaps the saddest noun in town!

I would rather smile
In the darkest of days,
And hum to the best of tunes
On a cold afternoon,
Than pout and sulk
And count my losses,
As though life’s blessings and joys
Belonged in a pouch that circumstances could steal!

I would rather dance
And miss my step or break a bone,
Than sink in a corner competing with The Jonses;
I will not wait until I can afford Ballerina lessons,
I will not miss the dance until I get
A better job,
A bigger house,
A changed spouse,
Shoes that fit,
Or a water bed!
(God forbid they burst my bubble/ mattress!)


I would rather dance
And smile
And write
And walk
And be grateful over everything
In the here and the now.

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Posted by on April 17, 2013 in Poetry


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One response to “I Would Rather

  1. Hudson Ng'ang'a N. (@huddysongash)

    April 17, 2013 at 19:50

    Really nice. Just Awesome.


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